Another Year for the Books.


Here is a description of the accomplishments of the last year. Working hand in hand with community leaders domestic and abroad, we've made a difference in your community.


2016 in Summation


Our founders, Michelle Noordhof and Bobbi Johnson, have been passionate about meeting the needs of the economically vulnerable for over 30 years. Their actions have improved the lives of millions of people. Their philosophy stands, "When we value the lives of others over ourselves and truly sacrifice in the pursuit of the greater good, God works to impact the lives of those in need." Please join us in changing your corner of the world.

METAD strives to provide development initiatives at home and abroad. We work with individuals, communities, and international organizations to make sure humanity is cared for. No project is too big or too small for METAD.

You can find us operating in your local community as well as 40 countries throughout the world. Our programs include medical serviceseducationtraining and comprehensive development services to bring relief to those in need.

Every charity, non-profit, and aid program is centered around a common goal of changing our world and helping humanity. METAD's founders have acted to help those who fall through the cracks of society. Below you will discover the programs and the derivatives within them that we constantly strive to accomplish. 



Average Hand-Up in 2016


Million Delivered in AWP Medical Aid Delivered To COuntries in 2016



The Minium Value Of Medical Assistance We can turn a $1 Donation into 


Handed-UP to Domestic U.S. Residents


The Numbers since METAD Began in 2002


METAD helps other organization acquire much-needed medication and medical supplies to countries, governments, and communities abroad. Medical supplies can be extremely difficult to obtain, transport, and deliver to in country consignees. With over 20 years of experience, our partners trust us to facilitate the acquisitions of needed products and ship them to the field. If you are an NGO, government organization or community in need of supplies, we are here to assist. Click here to learn more.

We meet humanities needs around the world, but we recognize that in order to change the world, we have to start at home. We focus on the needs that slip through the cracks of society.  Many find themselves at a point in their life where despite being hard workers, intelligent people, and hungry for growth, some extenuating circumstances have put them in a position of needing assistance. These individuals don't typically qualify for assistance. This is why they need METAD in their corner. 



Given In DOmestic Hand-Up's Since Program Inception in 2009


Billion delivered in Humanitarian Aid



the Multiplier for a $10 Donation to The Humanitarian AId Campaign


Million Donated From METAD Itself To Humanitarian Aid


Make Your Community Better.