It all started when...

Bobbi was thriving in a corporate career 25 some odd years ago when she found herself at the doorstep of a nonprofit. After feeling such an important calling to be a part of changing her community and eventually the world, she made a complete 180. Even though the core competency of the non-profit she was associated with had changed, she felt a pull to continue to serve in a manner that better supports charitable causes, so she, with Michelle Noordhof started METAD. Bobbi has over 16 years experience in the operations and management aspects of METAD. She loves being able to support humanitarian aid efforts. If something has to get done, you can count on Bobbi to make sure it happens.

Barbara is our Vice President and Co-Founder of Medical, Education, Training, and Development, Inc. (METAD). She is Responsible for METAD's humanitarian, aid program, primarily sending pharmaceuticals and disposable medical supplies as well as food and other medical and farm equipment to underserved areas of the world. She is also responsible for the day-to-day operations of METAD.

Bobbi's education and skill set is in business management and organization. In her 49+ year career, Bobbi has served others through her many volunteer public, non-profit, and private board positions. She has 20+ years in public service to her community including serving as Mayor of her city for five years, Council Member for 12 years, as well as sitting on many public service boards. Bobbi has been a volunteer for many not-for- profit organizations in a hands on role most of her career. She has held director roles in two non-profits.