Helping Hand-Up Campaign - Currently Focusing ON Natural Disasters 

Spanning Medical, Dental, Food Scarcity, and Livelihood.


METAD's Helping Hand-Up Campaign is an effort dedicated to supporting the livelihood of hard working individuals throughout your local community.

Our goal is to offer hope, a sense of dignity, and a Helping Hand-Up, to people caught in an economic gap.  Most of the time, individuals make too much to receive public assistance but not enough to financially address a temporary crisis situation.  When family and community resources are not available, METAD works to fill the gap for those individuals.

Contributing to the domestic program is easy. Not only can you give by clicking the button below, but a check can be sent to METAD at P.O. Box 466, Spring Lake, MI 49456.  A receipt will be sent for tax purposes. 

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Step By Step Process:

  1. Grant request is submitted from individual or organization.

  2. METAD staff investigates the request.

  3. We contact the volunteers and experts from our 'Platform For Change Campaign' to determine if help can be brought in from our network.

  4. METAD will locate a provider within our network to meet the need and pay direct to the provider for the service or product.

  5. Follow-up with the recipient and receive written acknowledgement from the recipient.

How can A PErson or Organization request assistance?

  • Follow this link to request assistance.

  • Get a referral from other assistance agencies, human resources at your company, even family members that are unable to offer help by having them contact us on your behalf.


Since the Beginning Of The Helping Hand-Up Campaign, METAD Has Given $75,000 To Those In Need In Your Local Community.