Two months after Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico struggles to regain electricity and thousands flee the island

UPDATE 11/24/17: Supplies have made it to Miami for shipment to Puerto Rico, soon many families and businesses will have much needed electricity while their electrical grid is being repaired!

Puerto Rico Generator Shipment
Puerto Rico Generator Shipment
Puerto Rico Generator Shipment

The lights remain off in what we’re busy cities and in small rural villages. Gas generators, the only alternative to the downed power lines that seem to be everywhere, continuously hum outside hospitals  and bodegas. When night falls, it’s the actually the glow of car lights, not streetlights, that helps light up the darkness.

Two months after Hurricane Maria tore through Puerto Rico, much of the U.S. territory still lacks electricity. Even in areas with power, such as the capital city of San Juan, residents must deal with daily blackouts due to poor infrastructure.


A lack of reliable electricity coupled with massive destruction to roads and bridges have led hundreds of thousands to flee Puerto Rico for the mainland U.S., and some economists predict decades of stagnation for an island that already was struggling financially.

In recent days, Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rossello announced that the island, through the work of Puerto Rico's Electric Power Authority, had restored power to 50% of the population.


With the recent failures of Puerto Rico’s Government in finding and bidding out electricity restoration projects, the expected date for full recovery is getting pushed back further and further. 


To help aid the people of Puerto Rico and get the most important establishments up and running, METAD will be shipping 14 electricity generators to Puerto Rico in partnership with Kentwood Lowe’s and Old Dominion Freight Lines.  

The generators are currently sitting in Memphis and are almost ready to make their final journey to help the people of Puerto Rico.

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