Sierra Leone: 500 Dead With Threats of Yet Another Mudslide

FREETOWN, SIERRA LEONE - The countries president made a statement to the West African nation of Sierra Leone saying, "We have been gripped by grief," after the devastating mudslide claimed the lives of 500 people and left 600 more missing. The body count is expected to rise to over 1,000.

One of our partners, a local pastor on the ground in Freetown has sent photos of the devastation and we warn you, they are gruesome.

Now another threat is looming. The torrential downpour is expected to continue over the next few days, increasing a race against mother nature. Authorities have been evacuating people in the areas most likely to be susceptible to another landslide, and for good reason. A very large crack has been revealed that is likely to collapse which covers a large area around 71 acres. - CNN

Now the authorities are focusing on evacuating as many people as possible to reduce the consequences of another disaster. METAD is preparing to airlift a medical shipment consisting of pharmaceuticals and supplies to aid with the relief effort which is being shipped right away.

The need is urgent, will you help us get these supplies out to the people of Freetown?

Alec WinterFreetowen