Guetamala Volcano Eruption

UPDATE 11/14/17

The containers sent to Guatemala have have acted as a mainstay of the outreach program for years and have been received with gratitude. These Manna Packs have acted as a pivotal piece during the aftermath of destruction brought on by the Volcano eruption. Each year hundreds of Christian groups come for weekly mission trips and most of these groups have included visits to villages where they pass out bags of food and Manna Packs. Sometimes the bags included beans and corn but they always have a Manna Pack. Each Manna Pack has all the vitamins, minerals, and food required for daily consumption for a family.

The Lord had big plans this year with Hope of Life committing to two monthly shipments of Manna Packs for Guatemala. Hope of Life was excited to do so, and the first container shipment full of Manna packs arrived right on time for distribution to the hungry volcano eruption victims. Medical supplies sent earlier in the year by METAD were also offered with a free hand. Included were masks that were designed for fine dust air contamination - a vital piece of equipment when living in an ash-ridden environment.

For four months the containers kept coming. Through the summer months the Christian groups passed out the Manna Packs and despite the abundance, just one half container is left after all of the Manna Pack distribution. Based on communication with the many volunteer firefighters and rescuers who battled the heat and ash, they felt the Manna Packs were rightly named so. Big thanks to "Feed My Starving Children" and for a job well done.

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Guatemala has faced a lot of destruction over recent weeks, with Volcan De Fuego erupting explosively at the beginning of June and now an earthquake that has shaken the country creating worry that these earthquakes could spark more deadly eruptions.

According to the United States Geological Survey, on Sunday June 17th, a magnitude 5.6 earthquake hit Guatemala. It struck in the Central American country at 10.32pm local time on Sunday with the epicenter of the quake being less than 18.7km from Escuintla, near the Pacific Coast in an area that had been worst hit from the initial eruption. This is just two weeks since Guatemala’s Volcan de Fuego (Volcano of Fire) erupted explosively, raining down ash on residential areas. Now the total death toll stands at 110, with over 200 more still missing.

The area known as Fuego’s base has suffered the most deaths and injuries after being bombarded with a mixture of hot ash, lava and debris. Fuego’s eruption was so devastating because it released pyroclastic flow, a mixture of ash, gas and lava that flows at speeds of up to 450 miles per hour. This flow covers everything in its path, cooling to form a dense volcanic mud.

The search efforts are permanently suspended in the towns San Miguel Los Lotes and El Rodeo in the Escuintla municipality, the zone is uninhabitable and high risk,” The dense volcanic mud has caused instability. for rescuers, with rain or earthquakes able to cause landslides down the slopes of the volcano. t is currently unknown if the earthquakes will cause another eruption but the area remains calm right now.

These natural disasters have left parts of the country in total dismay by displacing thousands of families from their homes and leaving them without the capability to feed themselves. METAD has recognized this growing problem and is now working with Hope Of Life International to feed those in need. To address this issue, METAD has sent 2 shipping containers filled with MannaPacks to feed those in need, and HOL will need a third within the next two months.

A second container is being sent now and we've asked for a third in two months. Please donate below to help these victims further!


Each one of these shipping containers costs thousands of dollars to fill and send to Guatemala. If you can find it in your heart to give to those going hungry without proper shelter, please consider donating below and sharing the cause with your friends and family.

Alec Winter