The Lions Ngoswani Community Maternal and Children’s Hospital is currently being built in Ngoswani, Kenya. The progression of this hospital has been great and is expected to open later this year. As stated by Dr. Marty Graber, “[they] plan to open the hospital after [they] purchase medicine . . . and have funds for the first month salary. The program is developed so it will become self sustaining”.


The Lions Ngoswani Hospital Project has two phases:


Phase One – Outpatient

A monitor will be placed in the hospital’s waiting room to provide important information to patients and family members regarding Preventive Health, Prenatal care, Immunizations, Tuberculosis, Community Health Program, Safe Drinking Water, Toilets with hand washing basins, Safe fire places for cooking, Benefit of Solar Ovens, Tree Planting, Importance of Medical Insurance, and Bio-Sand Water Filters.

This phase of the hospital will include a reception area, 3 Examination Rooms (one of which will have an ultrasound machine), Staff Lounge, Supply Room, Patient Bath, Staff Bath, Labor Room, Delivery Room, Utility Room, Outside Toilet Entrance, Outside Pit Latrine, and Pharmacy.  


Phase Two – Inpatient


This phase includes a Physician’s Office/Consultation Room/Library, Two Surgical Suites, Surgical Scrub Room, Pharmacy, Five Patient Rooms, Three Bath Rooms, X-Ray Room, Laboratory with Two Microscopes, Two large Storage Units, Three 40 feet Shipping Containers with Supplies, Large Laundry and Sterilizing Room, and Dental Chair.          

A Word from Dr. Marty Graber

“I am doing much better. During the last 5 weeks in Kenya, I spent most of my time on my knees, preparing the floor and applying floor sealer. Being on my knees for many days caused an issue with my back and legs.

The floor in Phase One is nearly completed and about half of Phase Two [is complete]. We had sealed the floors in the patient rooms and have moved beds into those rooms. We also have some of the hanging wall cabinets placed in various rooms.  We plan to open before the end of 2018, after sealing the remainder of the floor, purchasing medicine, and installing the Solar System.

Dr. Alex continues to work in a Government Hospital, obtaining much experience that will help him manage the Lions Ngoswani Community Maternal and Child Hospital.  

Since the Matching Grant Proposal was not approved by the LCIF (Lions Clubs International Foundation), we will not plan to construct Staff Housing.

William reports the elephants continue to visit the area around the Hospital. We will consider increasing the number of Staff, since the Staff Housing was planned to be located adjacent to the hospital. It is not safe to be walking from Ngoswani Village to the hospital in the dark. We will need to arrange for transportation, when it is dark.  

Here are a few photos, including Dr. Alex’s Office/Consultation Room.

Alec Winter