Food Pantry Distribution

Over the course of the past 7 years, METAD has taken part in a continued partnership project with Local Food Pantry's that would involve a yearly donation to their humanitarian work in feeding and giving support to those in need.

The actions of our local food pantry's have been carried out by:

Saint Mary's and other churches have devoted their heart and soul into this food pantry and it expresses their exact mission at almost every key point. The first: proclaiming and teaching the good news, and this goes beyond extending the mission of the church to others. It is within the scripture itself that there are mentions of serving those that are in need. Countless verses could be found without much effort at looking into the bible; verses mentioning being selfless, open handed, influential, caring, and much more.

By those of the church showing these qualities to their community, they are in a way proclaiming and teaching the very word they follow. Leading, by example. This food pantry spends their time serving members of their church but it does not end there. The hand of the church and it’s services to the community is open and welcoming to those that may feel or be seen as an outcast or stranger; this is their third call and blessing.

The exact counterpart to this pantry fall into place with their fourth mission of serving the needs of the people, body and spirit. This food pantry accepts the countless donations from others and puts them directly in the hands of those in need. Whether it is in the form of food or other needs, being given a yes to something that has otherwise been told no, lifts the body by giving strength and sustainability and lifts the mind by showing compassion and care. The fourth mission tightly ties into the fifth mission of St Mary’s church and central food pantry as it not only directs serving those to lift their body and minds, but to supply so that all may have what they need, not just some.

As a result of the contributions donated to this essential piece of the city, the selfless actions have thoroughly impacted those in the surrounding West Michigan area. Stemming from their local outreach organization, there has been nothing but positive effects in the community.

With an impenetrable faith displayed by this church, they are able to regularly serve 110 families each time the pantry is open; twice a month. Even though most have the privilege to not have to worry about where their next meal comes from, not all of our neighbors do. St. Mary’s Central Food Pantry strives to serve their community as it is a call to action that God has instilled in them.

As frequently mentioned by heads of the church and the saintly Mother Theresa:

 “Give the love you have received to those around you. You must love with your time, your hands, and your hearts. You need to share all that you have.”

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