Domestic Medical Relief


Health care in the United States is very high due to a plethora of reasons. The ultimate effect is that the economically vulnerable find themselves scraping for change to pay for costly medical procedures and often fall short. Seeing that there are millions of uninsured individuals who have an income, but lack the means to pay for medical problems, METAD has created a fund to help support those who need medical attention to continue providing for themselves and their family.

One example of this program comes from Alex in Michigan, who had the opportunity to get a job but had an eye problem that kept him from being able to drive. Alex had been given a car from his grandparents. Alex was eager to get to work, but in order to get to work he needed a drivers license from the state of Michigan. When he applied for his drivers licence, he could not pass the eye exam. He was clearly willing to work and when METAD learned of the challenge that he was facing, METAD arranged with the local eye care store to have his eyes examined and to purchase a pair of glasses. After getting his license, Alex has excelled at his career, started a family, and is set up for an early promotion.

Another example is from Deborah from Michigan. Deborah is a 50 year-old woman that has been living with a birth defect her entire life. Although it has been operated on three times, the congenital birth defect causes an abnormal bone to grow through the bottom of her foot, and it comes back extremely quick after being operated on. Her foot specialist recommended special shoes and pads that would form fit to her foot which would relieve the extreme pain that regularly renders her immobile. Deborah works part-time and her husband is under-employed. Without health insurance, the bill was almost $400 and they couldn't afford it. It was either get the shoes and pads so she could work, or be forced to quit. METAD was able to pay the entirety of this bill and our most recent check up revealed that Deborah finally got a form fitting shoe that relieved her pain and brought her a new found happiness while she worked!

Another example is from Jonathan in South Carolina who had such bad stomach pain. that he lost his job and was now no longer able to afford the $630 deductible on his endoscopy. He is a single father with two small girls who depend on him. In addition to providing for his children, he attends college. With bills on the rise, Jonathan needed to have his medical condition taken care of, so METAD stepped in to pay his deductible. 

Thanks to METAD and its supporters, people in need of medical attention like the stories above are given relief so they can go on living their life and helping those who depend on them. METAD offers a hand up, not a hand out, so people can help themselves. 

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