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How we work

Domestic Outreach

We are in your neighborhood! We work with individuals throughout the United States of America on a daily basis, helping identify needs and finding ways to remedy them. Whether it be large projects like sending humanitarian emergency relief in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, or smaller ones like helping an elderly woman install a new roof to ensure she lives safely, no project is too big or too small for METAD. If someone you know is in need of a helping hand or you'd like to suggest a cause to rally behind, please contact us and submit a request for our assistance. If we can do something, we will!


international Outreach

Through our community driven development programs and educational training & sponsorships, we're improving the conditions of those we partner with. Helping in every way possible, whether it be collaborating with a village to develop a water hygiene & sanitation system from scratch, sponsoring a student going through medical school in their home country, or delivering pharmaceuticals to populations in dire need, you can count on us. Learn more and donate here.


International Medical Supplies

Our international Medical Supplies Program is truly a one of a kind process that ensures pharmaceutical and medical supply needs are met by assessing requests from developing country program personnel. Requests for medical assistance and supplies come directly from a country's own program director and the NGO that needs support. We then take these requests, using the WHO essential drug list as our guideline, and help acquire the pharmaceuticals, supplies, and equipment. In addition, we provide the required logistic support to ensure a successful shipment.

Follow up reports are required and many on-site visits are made by METAD personnel to ensure that shipments have been distributed properly. We assure you that we only ship what is acceptable in the receiving country and provide pharmaceuticals with a minimum of 18-month expiration date.

If you're an NGO or country in need, please contact us here and we will follow up with you!




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Sustainable Solutions


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As we grow,  individuals  and  communities grow  with  us.


130 + Years

Of Combined Charitable Organization Experience 


Over 100 Million

People Impacted by Humanitarian Relief Shipments and METAD Program Development

10-100X  Your Donation

With the ability to turn your donation into pharmaceutical medical supplies worth 10-100X more value than the monetary donation, your help impacts more people.


$2,000,000,000 Delivered

In AWP Reference Value of Pharmaceutical Shipments

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