International Medical School Funding

METAD is currently sponsoring two students internationally. One in Kenya, and one in Nicaragua. By agreeing to stay in their own country after they graduate, we ensure that these individuals continue supporting their communities for years to come. Every year we look for exceptional students seeking a career path in the medical field.  

MannaPack Food Shipment Fund

Sea-container loads of Mannapacks are sent each year to communities that have food shortages. This year we will send five 40-foot sea-containers, each loaded with 272,000 individual meals going to Guatemala, Sudan, Nigeria, and Honduras. One shipment has already arrived with four more to follow. With all five of these sea-containers making their way to starving communities, the potential impact will be absolutely incredible! Do your part today to help serve over 1.3 million meals. 

Alec Winter
Medical Assistance Shipments

WE TAKE EVERY $10 DONATED AND TEN-FOLD THE FUNDS INTO MEDICAL AND PHARMACEUTICAL SUPPLIES. In partnership with some of the best charitable pharmaceutical companies, we bring much needed supplies to those in life-threatening situations. Please consider changing a life today. 

Alec Winter
Honduras Sanitation Project

METAD has been supporting and working with the Honduran people and has embarked on one of its largest communal program to date. METAD has collaborated with a local village and nonprofit to develop water and sanitation systems in a coffee growing community. 

Dr. Marty Graber and the Maasai Tribe

Dr. Marty Graber has changed the lives of the Maasai tribe in Ngoswani, Kenya by helping the community grow through creating self-sustaining health care, education, and nutritional institutions. Follow his story, which ultimately brought great recognition by Rotary International through their highest award.