International Medical School Funding

METAD is currently sponsoring two students internationally. One in Kenya, and one in Nicaragua. By agreeing to stay in their own country after they graduate, we ensure that these individuals continue supporting their communities for years to come. Every year we look for exceptional students seeking a career path in the medical field. 

Our Nicaraguan student, Fernanda Castellon, is attending school in Nicaragua to become a Medical Doctor. $5,000 a year covers her tuition, room & board and gives her the opportunity to give back to the Nicaraguan people by agreeing to stay in Nicaragua after her schooling. Help the Nicaraguan people by giving Fernanda the chance to give back.

Another student, Kijabe George, has worked very closely with Dr. Marty Graber, our Medical Director, through the medical school at Nairobi to become a clinical administrator. $2,000 a year covers his tuition, room & board and gives him the opportunity to give back to his community once he's graduated. He has happily agreed to remain in his community for 5 years in order to help the Maasai people in Kenya. 

Giving to these students gives them hope and a will to persevere through their many struggles and grow their community once they graduate. Please consider donating below, and sign up for our newsletter to receive updates!