20+  Years

in Freight Forwarding Experience


Global Reach

Through community driven and locally focused outreach

130+ Years

Combined Charitable Business Experience


Barbara "Bobbi" Johnson

Barbara "Bobbi" Johnson


Bobbi was thriving in a corporate career 25 some odd years ago when she found herself at the doorstep of a nonprofit. After feeling such an important calling to be a part of changing her community and eventually the world, she made a complete 180. Even though the core competency of the non-profit she was associated with had changed, she felt a pull to continue to serve in a manner that better supports charitable causes, so she, with Michelle Noordhof started METAD. Bobbi has over 16 years experience in the operations and management aspects of METAD. She loves being able to support humanitarian aid efforts. If something has to get done, you can count on Bobbi to make sure it happens.


Michelle Noordhof


is the President, and Co-Founder of Medical, Education, Training and Development, Inc. (METAD). She is the Ying to Bobbi's Yang! While Bobbi looks after all operations and management, Michelle heads up new development initiatives.

In her  30+ year career, Michelle has been an advocate for the poor, marginalized, homeless, farmworker and migrant populations. She combines non-profit leadership, program development skills, collaborative fund development strategies, research and experience-based knowledge with a passion for successful service with the most economically vulnerable. Michelle has partnered with communities and non-profit organizations to facilitate comprehensive community-driven development initiatives both nationally and internationally.


Shirlee Bond

Manager of Partner Services

With almost 30 years in charity work and 20+ in freight-forwarding, this is the gal we depend on to make sure every shipment of medical supplies makes it to its destination. Shirlee works hand-in-hand with those who wish to donate their time, money, and supplies. You won't find a friendlier person to have on the phone, and she'll always look forward to hearing from you next! 


Dr. Marty Graber

Chief Medical Advisor & Director

While helping to develop an Emergency Department at St. Francis Hospital in Indianapolis in the late 60's and 70's, he was also an Associate Director of the new Family Medicine Residency Program in the same hospital. METAD's Medical Director has been an excellent mentor in all aspects of METAD's programs. He was also a Clinical Instructor at Indiana University School of Medicine, but in 1980, he went to Kenya with his family which began his devotion to the Maasai people. Working with the Maasai community, a compound has been created which holds a 7 classroom school and a maternal child health clinic. Dr. Marty is an incredibly unselfish man, and if there was ever someone to support, this is your guy. If you'd like to contribute to helping Dr. Marty and his endeavors, click here.