Creating Sustainable Solutions for the Economically Vulnerable.


Supporting Community Driven Sustainable Solutions 


Helping Hand-Up Campaign

We meet humanities' needs around the world, but we recognize that in order to change the world, we have to start at home. We focus on the needs of the working poor and economically vulnerable that typically slip through the cracks of society. These individuals don't typically qualify for assistance. This is why METAD goes to bat for them to make sure they can help themselves by providing a helping Hand-Up rather than a hand-out.

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International Outreach

METAD provides healthcare solutions through medical services, self-sustaining clinics, gift-in-kind humanitarian aid, and educating health workers. These efforts equip & empower leaders to meet local needs. METAD collaborates with a variety of institutions, NGO's, and local units of government to train and develop culturally appropriate projects and programs that are sustainable. Together we focus  on the cultivation of human, social, environmental, and financial capital to define creative solutions to community challenges

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Medical Humanitarian Aid

This sector of METAD helps other organizations acquire much-needed pharmaceuticals and medical supplies for countries, governments, and communities abroad. Medical supplies can be extremely difficult to obtain, transport, and deliver to in country consignees. With over 20 years of experience, our partners trust us to facilitate the acquisitions of needed products and ship them to the field. If you are an NGO, government organization or community in need of supplies, we are here to assist.

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A Platform for Change

METAD has partnered with local businesses, volunteers, and professionals who have taken the initiative to help their community by volunteering their labor, professional services, products, and time. By becoming a part of our network you'll have the opportunity to strengthen your local community and change the lives of people who are working hard to better themselves. Join our network today and learn about how you can make a difference.

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Bringing Pharmaceutical and Medical Supplies to the World.

Our international Medical Humanitarian Aid Program is truly a one of a kind process that ensures pharmaceutical and medical supply needs are met by assessing requests from developing country program personnel. Requests for medical assistance and supplies come directly from each country's own program director and the NGO that needs support. We then take these requests, using the WHO essential drug list as our guideline, and help acquire the pharmaceuticals, supplies, and equipment.


Annual Report

Dedicated to change.

Here you'll find what we've been up to over the years. From international pharmaceutical relief, to domestic campaigns that combat the conditions of the working poor, you'll discover the numbers behind our efforts and the changes we make in the world.